Amethyst | Aatmikk






Certified oval purple amethyst loose beautiful cut gemstone clarity: transparent only color: purple content: 1 origin: africa shape: treatment: untreated wearing finger: middle or second finger of right hand. Should be worn on saturday. Professions: amethyst / kataila / jamunia is suppose to have great positive effects on surgeons, doctors, mechanical engineers, scientists, astrologers, writers, soldiers, archeologists, politicians, lawyers, businessmen, dancers, actors, and people related to glamour industry. Benefits: if it is used as an alternative to blue sapphire, it is said to give mental stability, tranquility, spiritual enlightenment, protects against danger of any form, wealth, good name, long life, prosperity and good children. Healing properties: it removes all negativity from life..And built confidence ratti recommendation: 2-2.5 ratti for children, 3-5 ratti for teenagers, 5-15 ratti for adults (consult an astrologer, if required)