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What we are covering in 12 Classes

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  • Numerology Orientation-understanding.
  • Numerology and Its Components as a Guideline System.
  • 3.-9 Numbers, Features, Placement and Effect.
  • Core Components of Numerology Natal.
  • Chart-self.
  • Life Path and Its Significance to Understand Our Life Lessons/purpose.
  • Master Number (Self and Others).
  • Karmic Debts -identifying Chronic Negative Cycles.
  • Name and Its Components.
  • Understanding Self Through Soul and Personality Numbers.
  • Birth Charts and Patterns(Self).
  • Components of Predictions.
  • Pinnacle and Challenges.
  • Yearly Predictions/time Cycles/monthly Numbers.
  • Joining Dots of Full Chart.
  • Self Analysis
Numerology Course

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Group sessions

12 CLASSES(flexible)
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Course fee one-time payment- ₹ 10200/- Part payments in two months ₹ 12000(6000 each) Limited seats. Individual classes The number of sessions remains the same. Course fee- ₹ 18300/- Course fee one-time payment- ₹ 10200/-