Past Life Regression helps

  • Healing chronic health issues that have no known origin
  • Inexplicable phobias
  • Releasing repetitive negative patterns from relationships
  • Persistent pregnancy issues like miscarriages
  • Having a run of bad luck in finances, releasing rigid ancestral and family issues
  • Exploring and healing unresolved emotions which abnormal attraction or repulsion for certain people in close relationships.


  • Accurate guideline system for health, finances and relationship.
  • Future prediction regarding all major aspects of life.
  • Check if your name is apt for you
  • Unlocking the hidden potential as per the planets.
  • Hels to unblock the karmic debt patterns with remedies and guidance.
  • Self-to-do remedies for reducing malefic effects of negative planetary combinations.
  • Name corrections if required.

Life Transformation Therapies help

  • When one seeks clarity at the crossroads of life.
  • Helps in decluttering mental space to identify your blueprint.
  • To release repetitive negative patterns to attain sustainable peace.
  • To plan successive steps in career, family relationships, and well-being.
  • To reprogram and replan disturbed lifestyle and shape it up in an organised way.
  • To cultivate mindfulness practices for better self-awareness and emotional balance.


Years of impacting change


Types of issues resolved


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Our Services

Identifying life purpose

Identifying Life Purpose

Unravel the answer to the reason for your existence and get the guidance to identify your core strength through hypnotherapy. Become motivated by identifying your vision & mission and exhibit mindset shifts to show commitment by knowing your worth and moving in the right direction. Empower yourself to achieve your full potential

Corporate stress

Corporate Stress Relief

Let go of overpowering emotions, fatigue & burden of stress from your workplace & responsibilities manifesting in the form of lost interest in things, reduced motivation & even burnout. Get meditative & counselling solutions to navigate corporate stress-induced in your daily life to recover joy.

Anxiety/depression/stress healing

Anxiety/ Stress Healing

Rediscover your inner strength & move towards self-acceptance by removing your constant worries of criticism, poor concentration, irritation, fatigue, stress & depression through hypnotherapy under expert therapist guidance. Rewire your mind to become more resilient to stress & build fruitful self-care habits.

Child counselling

Child Counselling

Empower your child to recover from any past traumas, frequent emotional outbursts, difficulty in handling & expressing emotions by understanding their perspective & your habits as a parent through hypnotherapy. Build mutual trust & respect with them & overcome shortcomings in responding & behaving with them.

Parental guidance

Parental Guidance

Strengthen bonds with your children by understanding the signs of their sufferings caused by your behaviours as a parent due to unintentional disregard, neglect, rudeness or difficulty with expressions. Gain emotional maturity & consideration for your kids to mend the strain created.

Pre marital counselling

Pre-marital Counselling

Know about the compatibility you have with your partner to lay the foundation for a happily married life in the future through pre-marriage counselling. Identify areas of possible conflicts beforehand for its early resolutions or for setting realistic expectations from the start.

Marriage counselling

Marriage Counselling

Gain a better understanding of your partner or resolve any ever-stretching issues prevalent in your relationship making it bumpy. Resolve your troubled relationship or strengthen your bond with your partner by tackling communication problems, familial conflicts & emotional problems & addictions.

Business counselling

Business Counselling

Navigate the whirlpool of emotions associated with your business & find solutions to detailed questions you have regarding something recurring or repetitive you have noticed in your business. Overcome emotional & behavioural blockages that are stopping & hampering your business’s growth.

Inner child healing

Inner child healing

Harness the power of your subconscious mind to uncover the causes of negative behaviors such as substance abuse, people-pleasing, hoarding, self-criticism & fleeting motivation. Heal childhood wounds still haunting you.. Heal childhood wounds or adolescence still haunting you.

Past life regression

Past life regression

Heal the unhealed issues of your past life that are manifesting in your present as fear, anxiety & repetitive patterns through hypnotherapy. Eradicate your past life’s vows, curses & oaths, energy blockages, karmic & emotional issues by holistically healing your body, mind, soul & spirit.

Mindset Transformation

Mindset Transformation

Get rid of your negative thought patterns & inadequate beliefs that stop you from living the life you desire by becoming in control of your actions to fulfil your resolutions. Reprogram your mind through hypnotherapy to increase focus, clarity and release your fears.

Trauma Release

Trauma release

Stop your accidental trauma from occupying your mind & life causing insomnia, flashbacks, substance abuse, fear, anxiety, no memories, hopelessness & a soul-less state. Eradicate trauma from its roots through trauma release therapy to dispel negative emotions to memories buried deep.

Relation Transformation

Relation Transformation

Eradicate frequent conflicts with your partner due to lack of emotional presence at the moment & undergo life-transforming shifts that will help you maintain goodwill, passion & love in your relationship. Stop the endless loop of falling back to previous patterns & understand yourself completely.

Divorce/Seperation healing

Separation Recovery

Manage the turmoil of emotions & navigate the pain of divorce with the help & guidance of a hypnotherapist through separation healing. Remove thoughts of worthlessness, rejection, anger & frustration to love yourself again, rediscover confidence, a sense of responsibility & find belongingness.

Cord cutting

Cord cutting

Let loose your unhealthy attachments with past relationships & connections no longer present to navigate emotional or energy drain by disconnecting with negativity through cord cutting. De-chord yourself from toxic people to become emotionally light & regain freedom & your true identity.

Emotional detox

Emotional Detox

Stop your emotions from controlling and leading you only to feel an outburst of energy one moment & extreme energy drain the other by understanding & expressing your feelings effectively. Overcome hurdles of emotional bottlenecks through hypnotherapy & consultation to use them to your advantage

Overcoming Fears

Overcoming Fears

Eradicate your rational or irrational fears impairing your daily life and are caused by past trauma or other incidences through the power of hypnotherapy in a safe & contained way. Live fearlessly once again without it stopping you from enjoying your daily life’s activities.

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Overcome addictions & obsessions with drugs, alcohol, smoking, food or other things affecting your health, appearance & finances with a change in your belief system using effective hypnotherapy. Gain back your confidence through a positive healing journey.

Void/Lonliness therapy

Void/Loneliness therapy

Navigate inner desolation, emotional emptiness & absence of joy in daily life causing addiction & overuse through void therapy. Resolve the underlying issues that are causing you to feel the burden of not having enough friends, the right partner, enough success, money & more.

Allergy management

Allergy management

Effectively manage your allergies or stop them from affecting your quality of life through hypnotherapy without being exposed to the allergen. Subconsciously desensitize to the allergen causing the response. Harness the power of hypnotherapy to lessen your allergies.

Ancestral healing

Ancestral healing

Eradicate sufferings & recurring patterns running in the generations of your family like diseases, limiting beliefs, addictions, destructive thoughts & repair relationships with your ancestors for unloading inherited burdens through ancestral lineage healing. Get freedom from your inadequate beliefs & abundance problems.

Medical hypnotherapy

Medical hypnotherapy

Find the solution to your deep-seated psychological & emotional issues in your daily life whether personal or caused by work such as anxiety, fear, phobias, insomnia & stuttering through medical hypnotherapy. Resolve the issue from the core through the subconscious to bring a positive shift.

Hypno yoga

Hypno Yoga

Overcome emotional overwhelm & lack of motivation due to difficulties through the combined power & benefits of yoga & hypnotherapy called Hypno Yoga. Get your ticket of freedom from stress, bad habits & consistent frustration by performing movements full of healing under expert guidance.

Numerology Analysis

Numerology Analysis

Unlock the power of numbers and get your complete numerological reading with name analysis, career guidance, required name correction, past life karmic debts, health, wealth and relationship predictions. Get detailed answers to the questions you have and experience healing with empowering techniques.

Couple life analysis

Couple life analysis

Get your couple numerology consultation to deduce the compatibility with your partner and the planetary forces at play for harmony and minimal differences in your relationship. Get complete numerological life analysis, couple counselling and solutions to fill any gaps causing disharmony.

Family Numerology

Family Numerology

Get a comprehensive numerological analysis of your partner & kids, including name analysis and correction, any karmic debts, life projection, name blockages and more. Know probable health concerns, the suited career & natural traits of your kids, along with management guidance.

Naming a child

Naming a child

Choose a name for your child best aligned for his/her bright future through numerology reading & answers suggested according to their date of birth. Decide from up to 3 name options along with its correction to fill any gaps & deficiencies.

Business consultation

Business Consultation

Obtain expert numerological analysis & guidance for your company’s name selection & investment guidelines as per the numerological chart for your business’s success & growth. Get detailed answers to your questions & the optimal colours for your brand collateral according to the chart.

Business consultation - Partners upto 4

Business consultation- partners up to 4

Get detailed numerological reading for your business with up to 4 partners to obtain the most suited company name, investment timelines, important dates, colours as per the numerological chart. Navigate recurring problems disturbing your business’s growth with thorough answers & harmonizing solutions.

Name Assessment Service

Name Assessment Service

With the mystic power of numerology, get the solution & answer to one of your issued-based questions hindering your life. Get professional numerological name analysis along with the necessary corrections through choices of names that establish harmony, peace & good health.

Career counselling - children

Career counselling - children

Enable the bright & successful future of your children with career counselling which aligns with their inherent traits and characteristics as per their numerology chart and analysis. Get numerological career analysis to know the most optimal profession that will make them shine.

Marriage compatibility check

Marriage compatibility check

Check marriage compatibility for up to 4 matches through a detailed numerological reading that sheds light on the impact of planetary patterns on the harmony of your relationship. Obtain empowering solutions to resolve any deficiencies causing disharmony in the relationship to maintain peace.

Planning your family

Planning your family and your loved ones

Get readings & numerology predictions about your loved ones and family planning to ensure a better chance of preparation for probable concerns in the future. Figure out the influence of the planetary patterns & get a predictive timeline of events according to your numerology chart.

Emotional Intimacy and Passion

Emotional Intimacy and Passion

Reignite intimacy & passion in your relationship buried down under the blanket of misunderstanding, clashes & contrasting personalities. Understand yourself better & identify repetitive behaviours to tackle recurring issues with your partner to rekindle your love & empowering solutions to these issues.

On the same page with your partner

On the same page with your partner

Eradicate differences with your partner due to a lack of better understanding of the recurring patterns in your relationship to come to equal terms on things with your partner by better managing & expressing your emotions. Identify & resolve issues with your spouse or partner.

Bring back the spark in your relationship

Bring back the spark in your relationship

Are you missing that spark in your relationship with long-lasting misunderstanding or the burden of emotional turmoil? Bring your relationship on the right track by better understanding yourself, your emotional inadequacies, & behavioural patterns & ultimately resolve them through counselling.

Life Transformation

An alchemist of mind

who unlocks you from within you.

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Vanddna Bhargave, a regression therapist, a mind awareness speaker, a numerologist and a life transformation coach. Her life purpose is to spread awareness and impart services related to mind, energy and holistic healing, pulled her towards formal education in clinical hypnotherapy from California hypnosis institute of india.

Her mission in life defines that awareness is the most important and the first basic step to make life livable. She intends to continue her welfare services to impart knowledge to the society and pursue her deep healing and transformational therapy sessions after successfully working on more than 3000 people nationally and internationally.

Her vision of diminishing the barrier between availability of quality services and individual’s needs to resolve their obstacles led her to create a platform, Aatmikk that could provide all encompassing solutions to enable people with their transformations in all dimensions of life.


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Get rid of fears, addictions, chronic pain, anxiety, sleeping troubles, inadequate habits, excess weight and more through the power of the subconscious and guidance to positive changes.

Life Coaching

Make progress in life & profession, enhance self-confidence, achieve set goals, mend relationships, open doors to self-improvement, success, & more through life transformation therapies.

Distant Healing

Bring benefits to your physical, emotional, behavioural, spiritual and professional space by channelling the positive and transformative force of good energies & vibrations.


Deduce the mystic relationship between numbers and your life to gain more clarity on your life's path, inherent strengths, relationship compatibility, the right name for your kids & business and much more.


Our counselling session will aim at forming a complete understanding of your current situation wherein you are feeling stuck and blocked and then resolving it by presenting to you the solution.

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Consulting Vanddna can help you dig deep, realise and resolve impending issues that haunt you or alter your growth as a person or professional. Go on, seek a 15 minutes fre consultation with Vanddna.

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