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Growing up, it is the emotional and biological responsibility of our parents and family members to create a safe environment for us. But not all parents accept that responsibility, are aware of that responsibility, or have the capacity to fulfill that responsibility.
Safety doesn’t just mean physically protecting us from harm, feeding us, or the other essentials. Safety also means supporting us on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels inherent to us as human beings. What happens when we don’t feel safe as children?

What happens when this feeling of endangerment is constant and long-lasting?

The answer is that a huge gaping wound appears in the psyche. This painful wound is often unknowingly repressed by us as adults… but its effects are profound and far-reaching.Inner child Healing

The point of this article is to help you get into a reflective space to heal your wounded inner child. If you are interested in working with your inner child, I want you to reflect on your own childhood, the timeline of your early years, and how you felt as a child.

Did you feel safe? Did you feel a sense of belonging in your family? Were you permitted to be you? What is your current relationship with your inner child-like? These questions are extremely important to ask, and if you haven’t asked them yet, I hope you do.

Why am I so insistent about you asking these questions and exploring this topic of a wounded inner child?

The reason is that inner child work is one of the most serious and profound forms of inner work you can do. So much of our behavior, aversions, and neuroses in the present can be solved by exploring and communicating with the inner child.


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