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Better understand yourself and the workings of the universe correlated to numbers that are related to you influencing the various facets of your life whether it be personal or professional.

How can Numerology

help you

A master numerologist such as the team at Aatmikk can provide detailed and accurate readings of one's personality, career, strengths and more through calculation of combination of numbers and deciphering their interpretations. Following are the various conditions one can seek positive transformations for.
numerological reading

Life Analysis

Unlock the power of numbers and get your complete numerological reading with name analysis, career guidance, required name correction, past life karmic debts, health, wealth and relationship predictions. Get detailed answers to your questions and experience healing with empowering techniques.

couple numerology consultation

Couple life Analysis

Get your couple numerology consultation to deduce your compatibility with your partner and the planetary forces at play for harmony and minimal differences in your relationship. Get a complete numerological life analysis, couple counselling, and solutions to fill any gaps causing disharmony.

Family numerological analysis

Family Numerological Analysis

Get a comprehensive numerological analysis of your partner & kids, including name analysis and correction, karmic debts, life projection, name blockages and more. Know probable health concerns, your kids' suited career & natural traits, and management guidance.

professional numerological name analysis

Naming a Child

Choose a name for your child best aligned with his/her bright future through a numerology reading, and answers suggested according to their date of birth. Decide from up to 3 name options, along with its correction to fill any gaps and deficiencies.

expert numerological analysis

Business Consultation - Proprietorship

Obtain expert numerological analysis & guidance for your company's name selection & investment guidelines as per the numerological chart for your business's success & growth. Get detailed answers to your questions & the optimal colours for your brand collateral according to the chart.

comprehensive numerological analysis

Business Consultation - Partners up to 4

Get a detailed numerological reading for your business with up to 4 partners to obtain the most suitable company name, investment timelines, important dates, and colours as per the numerological chart. With thorough answers and harmonizing solutions, navigate recurring problems disturbing your business's growth.

professional numerological name analysis

Name Analysis

With the mystic power of numerology, get the solution & answer to one of the issued-based questions hindering your life. Get professional numerological name analysis and the necessary corrections through choices of names that establish harmony, peace & good health.

numerology chart and analysis

Career Counselling - Children

Enable your children's bright and successful future with career counselling that aligns with their inherent traits and characteristics as per their numerology chart and analysis. Get a numerological career analysis to know the most optimal profession that will make them shine.

numerological reading

Marriage Compatibility Check

Check marriage compatibility for up to four matches through a detailed numerological reading that illuminates the impact of planetary patterns on your relationship's harmony. To maintain peace, obtain empowering solutions to resolve any deficiencies causing disharmony in the relationship.

Comprehensive Numerology Analysis for Personal and Professional Growth

Uncover the hidden aspects of your personality and life journey through numerology. Numerology, the mystical study of numbers, offers insights into your potential and personal traits. By analyzing the numbers related to your name and birthdate, top numerologists can reveal how these numbers influence various facets of your life, personal or professional. The best numerology readings help you understand the workings of the universe and your unique place within it. Whether you're looking to resolve life challenges, improve relationships, or make informed decisions, a numerology reading can provide the guidance you need.

  • Discover your life's purpose through numerology.
  • Get the best numerology reading online.
  • Connect with top numerologists for accurate insights.
  • Understand the influence of numbers on your life.
  • Unlock your potential with detailed numerology analysis.
  • Receive career guidance through numerology readings.
  • Enhance your relationships with numerological insights.
  • Identify and correct name discrepancies.
  • Plan your future with numerology-based predictions.
  • Experience personal growth with expert numerology guidance.

Get great in-depth insights & life forecasts from numbers associated with you

The expertise of a master numerologists unfolds the connections between one's name and birthday in shaping their present and future realities & unraveling the astounding correlation between your life numbers with your journey.

Tap into new opportunities - Aatmikk

Tap into new opportunities

Equip yourself with the advantage of knowing when potential opportunities will knock at your door and be better receptive to them by firmly grasping them to your favour.

Carve a successful career path - Aatmikk

Carve a successful career path

Get insights related to the special talents you are born with and the career path that will make the most of your inherent strengths to achieve your aspired professional success.

Understand yourself better - Aatmikk

Understand yourself better

Knowing oneself better including one's strengths & weaknesses is almost like winning half of the battle as now you can align every aspect of your life with your strong suits to witness desired outcomes.

Navigate life hurdles - Aatmikk

Overcome Life Challenges

Prepare yourself with better knowledge of future obstacles that might hinder your personal and professional life & allow yourself to react aptly to challenging situations to reduce their negative impacts.


Tread on a guided path with the help of the best

Numerologists in Gurgaon and Delhi

Whether it be a numerologist in Gurgaon or somewhere else, the most apparent benefit of numerology is to allow yourself to become in tune with who you are as a person, including your innate talents and shortcomings.

It is about understanding the barriers that may halter your growth, your position in the universe and your life path with basic and complex calculations made by the best numerologists in Delhi, Gurgaon, or any other city such as the experts at Aatmikk.


Find your purpose in life & align

it with your choices

One's choices and decisions shape the opportunities and outcomes one grasps and receives in their life, respectively. With access to information related to self using numerology, make sure that your efforts in life align with your calling as per your inherent traits and strengths. The best numerology reader in Delhi or other part of the world, if equipped with the right experience and expertise such as Aatmikk, will lead you to a path of clarity that will aid your success in life.


Numerology is the study of numbers and how they influence our lives. It is based on the belief that numbers have a mystical relationship with living beings and the physical world. Numerologists analyze numbers related to a person's name and birthdate to provide insights into their personality, life path, and potential challenges. This ancient practice is used for personal growth, understanding relationships, and making informed decisions.

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